About Us

Achieving balance in today’s life can be difficult. Mental health challenges affect a large number of the South-African population – anxiety, stress, depression, mood-disorders, we either associate with these diagnoses, or know someone who does.

It is, however, completely possible to live a balanced life even when affected by these illnesses. Here you will receive support, free self-help tools, and the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges you face with other members.

Under the Free Tools section you will find various worksheets from sources such as getselfhelp.co.uk and psychology.tools, both sites packed with even more information on broader topics such as eating disorders, OCD, paranoia etc.

The Self-help section has been put together for those who might need a bit more help than the free tools. I have personally been on a journey through these steps in my dealing with Major Depressive Disorder and GAD. In this step-by-step look at becoming more aware of your thought-life and how it contributes to the problems you may be struggling with you will learn how to challenge thoughts and take control of life again. Many of these worksheets were given to me by the psychologist that I was fortunate enough to work with, and I hope that they prove to be of as much value to you.